Check feasibility

& Grasp basic market information


Our consultants create a questionnaire based on the project objective and the target respondents' qualifications.


 We program in-house and upload

the survey to the web. Then, we conduct a quick online survey using partner panels. 

You will know.. 

・Brand Awareness/ Image 

・Product Usage/ Frequency

・Purchase Intention

and more…

by age/gender/other demographic data


Answer within 24 hours 

Maximum sample size :

Target areas :

Gender/age :

Question number :


 Japan Nationwide

 Males & females aged 20 to 69

 Gender/Age/Marital status/Residential area/ Occupation + 5 questions

2019 International Travel Destinations

[BASE: Male/Female 20-59 y.o. Nationwide (n=1,000)]

Fast food chain usage

[BASE: Male/Female 20-59 y.o. Nationwide (n=1,000)]

Favorability towards Apple products

[BASE: Male/Female 20-59 y.o. Nationwide (n=1,000)]

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