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Resources required for the survey (location, moderators, recruiting)

all available in-house.

Apply Quick Market Diagnosis results to multiple surveys.

Qualitative Survey  

FGI/ IDI    (Offline/ Online)

Our facility is one of the most spacious and relaxing in Tokyo, allowing for large group interviews and workshops.


We also offer online/remote interviews via Zoom.


Two highly-skilled moderators who speak and understand English and Japanese conduct discussions with Japanese consumers and identify their emotional/ functional needs surrounding potential products for the Japan market.


Online Community

Proffered Community Tool dScout:

 Having conducted research on many topics, including motorcycles, household goods, cosmetics, social media, and games,  

ACORN has a lot of experience with the online community in Japan.


We recruit participants, facilitate online communities,

and analyze the results.


dScout is one of our partners for the platform.  

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キャプチャ 1.PNG

Home Visit   (In-person/ Virtual)

Wouldn't you like to know the layout of Japanese homes,
what home appliances consumers use, and what aspects of their lives they are particular about?

We can take you into Japanese homes.


Shop-along Interview

Our highly-skilled moderators accompany consumers and observe their behavior on shopping trips.


After shopping, we take them to the nearest café or our interview facility and interview them over a cup of coffee under relaxing circumstances.


We identify how they make purchase decisions.


 Quantitative Survey     

Online Survey

This is the most popular methodology for quantitative surveys in Japan.


We reach consumers nationwide ranging in age from their early 20s to 70s.


Acorn Japan’s internal programming team can program your surveys as part of our online service.


CLT (Central Location Test)

This is the 2nd most popular methodology for quantitative surveys in Japan.


Acorn Japan has an in-house CLT facility with 6-10 stations for conducting surveys.


Food/ Beverage tasting, fragrance surveys, and usability tests are available.


Home Use Test

A product can be sent to the target consumer to use, see,

and evaluate the taste, texture, etc. before it is released to the market.


Participants who meet specific criteria are sent a timely online survey response link and asked to complete it on their smartphones, tablets, or PCs.


Shipping is available nationwide.

We can create and print invitation letters, pack the test products,

and program online surveys in-house.

We also collect and analyze the data after surveys are completed.


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