When conventional survey methods can’t answer

your marketing questions in Asian markets,

where cultural norms and customs differ
.. we offer our own models to meet your needs.


Grasp the full picture of your market.

Market Navigator

Market Navigator uses quantitative methods to evaluate purchasing behavior, 
attitudes towards health and hygiene, and willingness to invest in the country of interest.

Examining changes over time allows for identification of consumer trends and understanding of the factors that drive consumer behavior, such as values. 

[ Benefits ]

•  Segment consumers according to values.

•  Understand actual purchasing behavior, willingness to purchase, brand loyalty.

•  Grasp sensitivity to information, media sources used, and frequency of interaction

    (e.g. with social media, subscriptions).

•  Identify attitude trends (e.g. towards hygiene, disaster preparedness, globalism). 

•  Assess sensory response (e.g. to color, smell, taste).


Understand unique cultures and customs

[ Benefits ]


•  Grasp the real-life situations of consumers.

•  Reproduce communication with actual friends and influencers.

•  Check the processes that lead to purchasing decisions

    and the underlying influencing factors.

•  Discover points for product innovations based on observations of usage situations.

•  Uncover hidden product and service needs.

Real People brings into focus the behaviors and ways of thinking that

form the background of consumers’ lives in the country of focus.

This model gathers essential information from observations and reenactments of real-life situations, such as scenes in homes (usage situations) and in stores (purchase situations) and interactions among friends (word-of-mouth), to shed light on consumer reality and

the processes that form intentions.

Real People


Focus Ethno

Focus Ethno is Acorn’s own ethnographic research model. In this model, consumers take pictures of themselves using products and services (usage situations) to capture “Moments of Life,” which are collected in large scale to show in visual form the reality of consumers’ lives.

The collection of photos and classification of the images into categories help bring

into focus appeal points and key words essential for product concepts.

[ Benefits ]


•  Collect a large amount of data on how consumers use products and services.

•  Understand the background for usage (reasons, environment).

•  Grasp attitudes at time of use and degree of satisfaction/changes in attitude after use. 

•  Uncover emotional needs at time of use.

•  Identify appeal points through observation of actual usage situations.


Unearth new business opportunities

Market Creation

With Market Creation, Acorn’s own research model, add new perspective to consumer analysis to clarify the reality surrounding a product and uncover new potential.
Create a variety of business opportunities from three-dimensional,
real consumer images and detailed market information.

[ Output ]


•  Reset targets based on market trends crossed with real consumers.

•  Develop new product ideas by uncovering hidden consumer needs.

•  Uncover core values and rebuild and strengthen a brand.

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